Preparing for a Gig

I’m always happy when someone books me for a gig. I could always use the extra cash, because, well, college life, but also because it allows me to blow off some steam in a fun way by doing something I love. College can be so stressful sometimes, and also very structured – I mean, you can only play Beethoven so many times! This way, I get to play my favorite music, meet new people, hang out with some friends, dance a little, you know. I’m happy if the audience is happy.

I don’t get booked every single weekend, but some weekends it’s both Friday and Saturday, and others it’s just the one or the other. This one time I got booked three times that week and that was so much fun. It was all I could think about in classes and the days after. It gave me life force for rainy days.

I recently started thinking about uploading the mixes from my gigs to mixcloud. I’m still not sure if I want to do this, because I usually do my mixes on the spot. I just like to feel the atmosphere at the party, see what the people react to best, and build it from there, no preconceived concept. So I’m thinking, if I upload those online they may not make that much sense or something? I don’t know. My friends keep convincing me to do it, widen my audience or at least release them out there into the world, but I still haven’t decided.

The best part about preparing for a gig is the excitement. Which is why I don’t drink beforehand. Contrary to convention, I drink on the job, haha! I do have an AppliancesReviewed soda maker at home so I’m perfectly happy sipping on some homemade soda while I decide what to wear, which records to bring with me, and what equipment I need that night.

Lately, I’ve been into dramatic makeup and glitter. A little glam, like a 70s rock star. I don’t like to go overboard with it, but when you’re DJing and you’re behind that counter, you want to feel like a rock star. Plus, I’m just looking for an excuse to wear glitter on my face – I don’t have gigs that often, so I’m just trying to take advantage of the situation.

DJing is super cool, even if you don’t do it professionally, it’s important to have fun, so rock on!