January 22, 2017

I have a certain image to uphold. Okay, I am just a college student majoring in musical composition by say, but there is another side to my life. I am a spinmaster by night. I have an alter ego with a persona all its own. I try to dress the part in the appropriate clothing. But sometimes you have to go further just a bit, like wearing the right watch for a DJ gig at a super-trendy club. I know that this is the time to put on my coolest G shock watch. It is all part of the job to me. The club denizens who is the real thing and who is not. They go all out to deck themselves in the latest trend. You wouldn’t be caught dead in some nerdy outfit. The music apparently isn’t everything.

I am up to date in my Casio S Series dark metallic collection. It is a new look with an understated sheen so it has glam all the way and can carry you to any casual or dressy event. Got a party coming up? Get this baby on your wrist. The colors are so rich, perfect for the season and beyond. I personally like the dark navy, the burgundy, and the evergreen. There are others with trendy names like riverside blue, lush meadow, and dusty cedar. You can wear it to the gym and keep it on for a night out with friends. It is structured and sophisticated for the active, contemporary woman. If that includes a DJ, well, I’m included.

My watch is equipped with g-shock technology. This means water resistance, magnetic and shock resistance. I love the auto LE$D light with afterglow world time that reaches 29 time zones (wow, are there really that many?) and 48 cities. It boats of five daily alarms and one snooze, plus a stopwatch, countdown timer, and 12/24 formats—all within the lovely case.

It is known as a touch watch that never breaks. I can be an aggressive spinmaster and my watch will not fail me. I said it was water and shock resistant, but I have to add that it is gravity resistant, low temperature resistant, and vibration resistant. Nothing has been left out. It is packed with all the best Casio innovations and technologies including internal components protected with urethane and suspended in timekeeping modules within the watch structure. I know this watch has evolved from its inception, so by now I have the best and most functional example. I believe it is a Japanese brand based in Tokyo with a US subsidiary in New Jersey. You get the best of both worlds in terms of leading manufacturers. Casio, of course, is known for calculators, keyboards, mobile devices, label printers, cash registers and other consumer electronics. While the watch is the only product I have used, I no doubt will try others. For the moment I am just touting what I think is their most exciting offering. Thank you Casio for making such creative and exciting watches.