November 19, 2016

I love to get together with friends and likeminded people who enjoy music as much as I do. We try to meet in coffee shops, someone’s rec room, or my hot tub. It is good clean fun and a great place to share stories. Fortunately, I have one large enough for multiple friends. Who doesn’t love a good soak in warm whirling water, plus being doused by fabulous jet sprays. I got a good unit with all the bells and whistles so we lack for nothing. Most of us where headphones and listen to the tunes of their choice. Summer is the best time to indulge in water recreation, but even in winter with the temperature turned up, we relish our time in the hot tub.

It was hard to make the decision to buy a hot tub as most people would rather have a swimming pool. I don’t have a big yard and it made sense to install something more on the diminutive side, although my research into the best hot tubs shows that they do come in larger sizes. You can spend whatever you like as there are deluxe models and I went mid-range. I am sure that the hours of communal fun will more than make up for the expense. My friends like the tub so much that I practically have to throw them out when it gets late. I am sure our cheerful voices wake the neighbors. I should invite them over to prevent any complaints.

Our conversation easily turns to music no matter where we are. As a DJ I have many odd stories to tell about venues I have played. At one party, everyone came dressed as cartoon animals and it made for a rollicking time. People act goofy when they are in costume, especially when there is a competition for best outfit. I get to witness all kinds of behavior at my gigs. There are times when it is a celebration for a birthday or an anniversary and things get festive and joyful and more on the serious side. I like big groups and they often make requests, but usually I am on my own and do what I like. I try to match the mood of the event and keep within the spirit of the people attending.

Meanwhile, I am back in the hot tub for a quick relaxing soak. This time I am alone as I didn’t have time to contact anyone in my group. I am listening to music and getting mentally ready for bed. I reflect on the previous evening and how well it all went. I met some special people who may join my coterie. One of them was a DJ himself. We share ideas and thoughts about the profession. He will surely be the next one I invite to the hot tub. I have outdoor speakers so I can play some music I am sure he will like. It’s better than headphones. We can talk as we listen and while away the evening with a cold glass of wine.