November 7, 2016

Bored during the summer when all your friends are away? Not me. I can always get a DJ job. I am getting a bit of a reputation and have been known to accept two or more gigs a week. I make time as I love the role of spinmaster. I spent many hours learning the trade. I have photos to prove it and letters of recommendation. I am always looking so pass the word. During the summer, my venues are often outside. I love the summer nights when it is warm enough to wear shorts and flip flops. I am not a fashionista so this suits me just fine.

I recently accepted to work an outdoor party in someone’s backyard. They had a great big pool and an inflatable pool slide for kids and childlike adults. When I arrived, everyone was already at it. It was going to be an evening of water recreation. People were in the heated pool sipping exotic drinks that were also resting on trays attached to the pool’s side. The kids were too enthralled to be eating but a barbecue was going strong and hamburgers would be on the menu.

It was amusing to see the kids landing on an unsuspecting adult after they had descended the slide. Splat! It was comical because the adult was totally taken by surprise. This didn’t stop the same kid from going at it again and he was getting to be a nuisance. He loved splashing a lot when in the water and didn’t try to do proper swimming technique. I started my work and adjusted the music to the mood of the moment. People were free to make requests if you could tear them away from the inviting water of the pool. It was a lazy night with everyone doing what they wanted. Some just lazed on lounge chairs with a paper plate filled with a hamburger and grilled corn.

The evening wore on and nothing changed. The kids never tired of the inflatable water slide. Finally, the party host said that it was time to put it away. It was carried to the garage and the kids retreated to inside the house to watch TV. The adults were grateful and could communicate better in the new-found quiet. They now paid complete attention to my music. I was the center of attention, not the water slide. I tried to make it worthwhile and hoped that at least some guests would remain for a few hours more. They did. I find these backyard parties are so appealing that they last into the late night.

I made a bunch of money on this job and soon I would be off to the next one. It was in a club so the atmosphere would be so different. It is loud, dark, and crowded. You do what you have to. Meeting expectations is my forte. I want to be so good that I am hired back in no time.