October 11, 2016

I got a call about doing a gig about an hour from here recently. I told them I’d have to check my schedule and that I’d get back to them within 15 minutes. I knew I wasn’t booked for that day but I’d never heard of the promoter or the venue, so some investigating was in order. I looked up the address they gave me on Google Maps. It appeared to be a scary old warehouse, the kind you would see in a horror movie where people get murdered. I did see some good things online about the promotors, though. Reliable, fun parties, stuff like that. While I’m not a great fan of driving all that way, especially at night, it paid well and it could be some good exposure for me. I called two friends and asked if they’d like to tag along. Both were free, so I called the promoter back to accept. We ironed out the details, then I was emailed a contract to sign and that was it.

The night of the event, my friends helped me load everything into my car to make the trek over to the site. The place looked super creepy and the wind was picking up, making the evening turn cold. I was just glad that we got there before the sun set. TBH, I was also glad that my friends were with me. We snapped a few selfies from the parking lot and posted them online. We joked that it was so people would know where to start the search if we went missing but none of us were really laughing.

Then it was time to face the music and enter the building. That’s when everything changed. There were black lights and multicolored twinkle lights everywhere. The walls were covered in murals done in a graffiti style. A huge dance floor took up most of the middle of the warehouse, and there was a small platform in the front all ready and waiting for me. There was a bar running the length of one whole wall with mismatched stools along it, their seats just waiting to be filled. I can’t even explain it. If there is such a thing as abandoned warehouse glam in interior design, this place is it. My two friends started running around like crazies, taking pictures with their phones and freaking out over the walls. There was a space heater on the other side of the room that had a sticker on the site that said HeaterHound.com, and it made the whole place seem comfortable after the chill of the exterior. I was impressed with how well it could heat such a large area. There wasn’t even a draft. A guy in a suit came over and introduced himself as the one I had spoken to on the phone, and we got to work setting everything up before people started arriving.

I got the music going as a steady stream of people flowed in. Everybody was dancing and having a good time, and it was a great night. I spun a few cool dance mixes of slower songs that people really seemed to like. The night was over way too soon. Once it closed down for the night, we started packing everything up and they turned the space heater toward the open doors to warm us up again after all those hot, insulating bodies vacated the room. It fortified us for the cold trek back to my car.

I would definitely work at that place again, and for the promoter. It was totally fun, and getting paid to DJ is a pretty awesome deal!