A Hunting We Will Go

When I get time off from DJing and my other obligations, I like to spend time with my dad. We usually do things that interest him more than me, but I am game. I will do most anything to have contact these days as both of us are super busy. As I get older, sessions with him are few and far between. So when he mentioned shopping for a new gun and a gun safe, I was on board.

Why a gun you ask? It’s simple. His favorite sport is hunting and we live near an area where it is permitted by law. I also have experience in this area and know how to wield a weapon. I also know about the importance of storage when you are done. You can’t be too careful about locking firearms up. Horror stories abound about kids who somehow get access or robbers who see an opportunity to strike.

Hunting trips are the highlight of my year with dad. I have plenty of other things I do with friends. I go for small things like quail or rabbits. I am not into deer or larger prey however. Shopping for a new rifle seemed natural to me given my dad’s hobby. I liked the idea of a larger in wall gun safe so we could store extra valuables in a water and fireproof entity.

After surveying the scene, dad made his choice. He was more at a loss about the safe. How large should it be? What brand is best? What should we spend for top quality without breaking the bank? Would his collection grow over time? We both agreed that it was likely and selected a 24-weapon size made of 10-guauge steel and sporting an electronic keypad and extra key lock. I didn’t need access really but he thought I should know the combination, and no one else. Okay, I thought, if it is for security purposes, I will take responsibility for the gun safe in the event of an emergency.

Meanwhile, I was more excited about the possibility of hunting. We enjoyed our shopping trip and agreed to book some additional time. I love being outdoors in the crisp fall weather and taking in the distant mountains and woody expanses. It is so refreshing and inspiring and one of the greatest way to escape from the grind.

There is a lovely place with a little stream that we love to picnic by. I was in charge of the food, of course. A half day is enough to enjoy the glories of the sport. I know you have to be in the right spirit. Hunting is not for everyone, but frankly I grew up doing it and don’t give it a second thought. If you don’t yet know if it is an activity for you, try it out with some friends and see for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised. But don’t forget to learn about guns and storage. They are not secondary considerations.